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Abdominoplasty operation is a surgical intervention for removing fatty, excess skin in the abdomen. The main goal is to correct and tighten the entire height of the abdominal wall muscles.

Abdominoplasty is the body contouring operation that produces the total transformation of the contour of the stomach. It involves eliminating excess belly fat and skin and tightening the underlying abdominal support muscles. As with liposuction, an abdominal stretching improves the shape and contour of the abdomen rather than a weight reduction operation. The scope of the operation will depend on the amount of skin and oil to be removed.


A mini abdominal fold creates a smaller scar along the panty line without leaving a scar around the navel, while a standard abdominal fold contains a longer panty scar and a scar around the navel.

The cost of surgery varies depending on the duration and complexity of the surgery. It is very common to separate the central abdominal muscles (rectusabdominis muscles) with advancing age or after pregnancy. This causes the weakening of the abdomen to show the appearance of loose and curly skin. A comprehensive evaluation of preoperative will determine the degree of muscle separation and these muscles will return to their original positions during surgery.

What Can I Do To Prepare For The Surgery?

As your abdominal surgery approaches, stick to your exercise regimen, sleep a lot and eat healthily. It is important to achieve a constant weight in your ideal and healthy weight range. Abdominal surgery is often associated with liposuction, but not weight loss surgery; body contouring surgery. In other words, surgery is to remove excess unwanted skin rather than oil. Under normal conditions, it is imperative that you stop smoking 6 months before surgery, at least 3 months before. Smoking can have devastating effects on recovery and greatly increases the risk of complications at all levels.

How Long Does the Transaction Take?

The operation varies from 2 to 3 hours depending on the content of the surgical intervention. Nomal operation takes less time, but the procedure for full abdominal wrinkles with liposuction takes longer.

What's there in the Operation?

A wound is formed that opened from the hip. Your abdominal muscles (rectusabdominia) differ in each patient depending on your age, whether you had a pregnancy or something like obesity. Finally, excess skin, fat is removed and gives you a nice tight stomach. Liposuction is usually realized simultaneously to maximize the effect.

 How Much Pain Is Felt After Surgery?

Patients often feel quite uncomfortable and feel pain for the first 24 hours, but after that things develop quite quickly. Most pain can be treated only with painkillers, starting from the first day. Afterwards, pain and swelling will pass over time with slow movements and dressings.

How Does Cesarean Scar Surgery Affect Operation?

Cesarean is a factor affecting surgical operation. If you have enough loose skin, your cesarean scar can be removed during abdominal surgery. If your cesarean scar is too weak or you don't have too much abdominal skin, it may not be possible to remove your cesarean scar.

How Do I Have Differences In My Navel?

A wound is formed so that a new flat stomach position can be placed around your navel. This wound will heal over time with dressing. Your belly will never be disconnected from your body and it will always be connected to you. However, after the operation, you get rid of excess skin and excess with the removal of liposuction fats.


 What Can Be Done To Minimize Scars?

Scarring is inevitable in surgeries, but the appearance can be minimized. Good postoperative scar care will speed up the maturation of your scar, thereby speeding up its transition to a thin, flat and pale line. Includes tape for scar treatment, including scar care, external support, massage, a topical silicon gel layer, led and laser light.

 What Can Go Wrong in Surgery?

Each operation has a list of possible complications. In the short term, there may be problems with bruising, bleeding, swelling, or fluid buildup. Healing problems can be a real problem for the patient and the surgeon, even if they are not common. Patients may complain of skin numbness that returns to normal for a few months. Finally, if you gain weight after surgery, your body shape may return to the first situation. In order not to be like this, you should take care of doing sports and keeping your diet regular.

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