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Many years of researchs in the laboratory have allowed the creation of a treatment that allows to stop the  development of alopecia.

The treatment is a combination of vitamins and drugs (ACell) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). ACell + PRP treatment is equally effective for both women and men. It is realized in repair and regeneration of impaired hair, re-activation of follicles that remain inactive, covering scars, reshaping eyebrows and facial hair. ACell is  naturally produced protein complex made from leather, the formula of which is also available in the laboratory. It is widely used in medical and surgical treatments. Produced in the lab, ACell is a vaccine that activates stem cells, accelerates the growth of existing hair, stimulates the transplanted follicles to root, closes and adjusts hair color.

acell + prp

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a concentrated blood plasma that contains three times more platelets than the blood circulating in the human body. The amount of blood drawn varies depending on the treatment. After removing a blood sample from the vein using a centrifuge, platelet-rich plasma is separated from other blood components. When platelets are differentiated from the blood, this concentrate is injected into several points.

PRP triggers a modeling system that moves by copying healthy tissue around activated stem cells by activating stem cells and growth factors. A reaction is triggered in which inactive cells awaken and become healthier and more vital. PRP growth factors stimulate hair follicles and stem cell tissues for 3-4 months.

Alopecia is a condition that is based on genetic factors, poor nutrition, abuse of alcohol and tobacco use, as well as acceleration with stress. Genes transmit signals to the stem cells of the follicles, which make the hair smaller and thinner on the affected parts of the scalp.

ACell + PRP is a special formula for capillary treatment. It consists of a mixture of extracellular matrices that connect cells, vitamins, drugs and PRP therapy. This formula helps to reduce hair loss. Hair begins to reappear after 2-4 months, but the process can continue for a year. It is a treatment that increases the good results when used with hair transplant operation.

ACell + PRP works at the cellular level to repair and re-modify affected tissues, reactivate miniaturized hair follicles. ACell activates grown-up stem cells from follicles, which are inactive cells under the action of hair loss genes; Containing growth factors, PRP helps the rapid development of new blood vessels and improves follicular cell function. The combination of ACell + PRP allows hair follicles to grow larger and healthier, as well as faster hair growth.

ACell + PRP produces a new texture that triggers the process of healing damaged hair and greatly prevents hair loss. ACell + PRP treatment increases hair transplantation success even with diseased hair (with breakage or splitting). Regular treatment with ACell + PRP holds more hair in the head, prevents the hair follicles from starting the miniaturization process and regenerates the follicles that begin to decrease. This treatment creates a barrier that protects cells responsible for hair growth and doubles the surrounding tissue. The application of ACell + PRP  is painless since cells are anesthetized for the hair transplant operation. The treatment is applied as micro injections to the upper layers of the scalp, from the coronary line to the donor area.acell+prp

The advantages of including ACell + PRP treatment in the hair transplant operation are:

  • To increase the healing situation comfortably
  • Recovery is faster
  • Balances hair loss
  • Improves hair quality
  • High hair density is achieved
  • Scar tissue formation is minimized.

ACell + PRP treatment does not affect the health of the patient, its benefits have an important role in improving confidence and self-esteem by improving the appearance.

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