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Breast sagging is a concern for many women The advancement of age, gravity, weight gain and loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding contribute to the development of sagging breasts.

Breast Lift Aesthetics Surgery

They can have breast lift operation to gain more aesthetic, tense, erect and tightened breasts. Some patients who lose their dynamism and appearance over time may become unhappy because their breast volume may decrease significantly over time.In these cases, breast prosthesis is placed and the size of the breasts increases. The shape and position are changed. The breasts generally lose their shape and tightness.

When the skin starts to lose its tightness, it starts to sag. Breast lifting surgery or breast reduction is an operation which upright and reshape the sagging breasts. Breast lifting operation can also reduce the size of the tissue surrounding the nipples. At the same time, mastopex combined with breast implants can increase the tightness and size of your breasts to individuals who have small breasts and lose breast volume due to pregnancy.

Who are the Convenient Candidates for Breast Lift Operation?

It is an operation that all women with sagging breasts can do. It is also possible for women who do not feel good in terms of appearance and who are unhappy with breast lifting or stretching operations. Good results are generally obtained from women with smaller and sagging breasts.

What is the Best Age for Breast Lift Aesthetics?

It is more suitable for middle aged women who have given more than one birth. If the breasts show signs of sagging for structural reasons, an earlier operation may be recommended. In short, it is appropriate to be performed only to adult patients unless it is a mandatory and valid situation. If the breasts are mildly sagging or empty after birth and breastfeeding, implants can be placed to restore the lost volume. The most commonly used method of breast lift is vertical mastopexy. As a result, it is aesthetically pleasing and the scar is not obvious. Vertical mastopexy is superior to all other methods to make the result more permanent.

Is One Reason Sufficient to Ensure Tightness in Breast Lifting?

This situation depends on the number of breast tissue. It is generally combined with breast reduction to achieve a longer lasting result. High breast tissue loss due to birth or weight loss is compensated by implants.

What To Do Before The Treatment And What To Avoid?

The patient three weeks before the operation;

  • Quit smoking * They should stop taking blood thinning medication.
  • Pain relievers should be left * Multi vitamin tablets
  • Green tea * Flax Seed * Cherry Stems * Tomato Seeds
  • All Diet Products

And before the breast operation; ultrasound scanning should be done.

Does It Require Anesthesia?

The operation is performed in a clinic or hospital under general anesthesia.

How long does the surgery last?

The surgery takes approximately 1 to 3 hours depending on the sagging condition.

Is the operation painful?

Breast lifting is not a particularly painful operation. It can be controlled with pain medication within a few days after the operation and you may feel some pain. Breast lifting can cause some pain if placed under the muscle with implants. Therefore, the pain can last up to 2 to 3 days and requires stronger pain relievers. In operations, we place it on the muscle with the implant. The reason why small implants are preferred is to limit the amount of the pain.

What awaits the patient after the operation?

Approximately three hours after the operation, patients can eat and get up. After six hours, patients can be discharged. Patients can take a bath two days later. In order to be examined, they must come to the hospital every three days. Then they can return to their normal lifes. All physical movements, except walking for the first three weeks, should be avoided. In this process, the patient should always wear a sports bra.

Physical exercises are allowed after three weeks, however, it is still necessary to avoid movements that will tire the arm and chest areas. You can continue the exercises as desired after six weeks. The breasts are larger than the first three weeks and the appearance is not normal. However, after the third week, they  return to their last positions, which they reached after three months. After the operation, they should come to the examination at intervals of three and six months after one year.

Is there any loss of sensation in my breasts after surgery?

It may cause different positioned nipples or loss of permanent sensation in the breast after the operation. There may be some loss of sensation in the nipples and breast due to post-operative swelling. Usually this loss of sensation will gradually disappear within 6 weeks of the procedure.

Does Breast Lifting Surgery Affect Breastfeeding?

The doctors who realized scientific research did not find any difference between women's groups.

How long does it take to return to normal life?

Breast reduction, lifting or stretching operations take time to recover and you will recover gradually within a few weeks. You can return to work after four or five days. Patients should be avoided to remove anything for three to four weeks. You may need to avoid sexual intercourse for at least a week. Finally, you should avoid strenuous activities for a week.

Breast Lift Aesthetics Surgery

Is There Any Connection Between Breast Lift And Breast Cancer?

There is no connection between these two. On the contrary, since the breast mass decreases, the breast tissue taken is examined for any signs of pathological development. The results are an important database for preventive checks. Using implants is not a problem to increase the risk of cancer.

Is the Result of Breast Lift Operation Permanent?

In the later years after the operation, the breasts will sag a little again. Please note that the breast lift operation will not keep your breasts intact forever. Your breasts may sag again as a result of factors such as gravity, pregnancy, advancing ages, and changes in your weight. Women who have implants with a breast lift operation may have better results.

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