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In general, most women want prominent, large and sensual breasts. However, there is a category of women who want the opposite to have a smaller breast. Breast Reduction Operation

This operation, also called a reduction masectomy, is known as a breast reduction operation. Breast reduction surgery or shrinking masectomy is a surgical intervention that reduces the size and weight of the breasts by removing excess skin and glandular tissue. With this operation, the patient gets both a more aesthetic appearance and a healthier life. A large bust can pose several problems for the patient's body and mental health:

  • Muscle Pain
  • Back pain
  • Deformation of the Spine
  • Face Down Lying Distress
  • Aesthetic look
  • Low Mobility
  • Difficulty in Finding Clothes

Breast reduction surgery results in increased proportions, position and aesthetic appearance of the breasts, increased patient mobility, improved quality of life, increased patient confidence and self-esteem. The breast reduction operation is performed in a hospital or clinic and is performed by a qualified medical team. The reduction masectomy operation requires a number of preoperative investigations:

  • Patient's health status Blood Tests
  • Imaging review, overview:- Breast Ultrasound, Mammography,Sonoelastography
  • The Surgeon's Pre-operative Consultation: The shape and size of the breasts are evaluated, breast consistency is evaluated , the stage of deterioration in the breast position is evaluated. the possible presence of some asymmetries is evaluated, the quality of the skin at the level of the breast area is evaluated, health condition and considers patient's medical history is evaluated. drugs Increasing the risk of bleeding is stopped. 

    Breast Reduction Operation Takes 3 to 6 Hours And Consists Of The Following:

  •  Preparation and Marking of Incision Areas
  •  General Anesthesia
  •  Incision to Breast Tissue
  •  Elimination of Excess Skin, Fat And Glandular Tissue
  •  Closing the Incision.

Breast reduction surgery shows great changes in the short term. After the operation, it is necessary to go through some stages in order to achieve a beautiful and desired appearance, as in any intervention. One of them is the state of pain that occurs in the area of the intervention. After the intervention, the patient should limit their movements and rest. In the first 24-48 hours, the patient feels pain and fatigue. Fatigue can be relieved with complete rest and minimized by painkillers.

As a preventive treatment, the patient will also be given antibiotic therapy to eliminate the risk of infection. The first bandage will be applied the day after the operation, then it will be changed every two or three days, and a more elastic and compressive dressing will be made. Suture threads around Areola are removed after about a week, others are removed after two weeks.

Preoperative Recommendations:

  • If the patient smokes, he should quit this habit two weeks before surgery.
  • The patient should not drink alcohol two weeks before the operation.
  • Any treatment containing anticoagulants or aspirin should be discontinued two weeks before surgery.
  • Contraceptive administration should be discontinued six weeks before surgery, as they increase the risk of blood clots.
  • No breast reduction surgery will be performed during the menstrual cycle.
  • On the day of the intervention, the patient should not wear make-up, use perfume or cream.
  • On the day of the intervention, the patient should not wear contact lenses or removable dental prostheses.
  • On the day of surgery, the patient should not wear ornaments, for example; rings, earrings, piercings etc.
  • The patient should have light and comfortable clothing (a blouse that closes with zippers or buttons).
  • The patient must have at least two weeks of free time.
  • The patient cannot eat or drink anything six hours before surgery.

Post-surgery Recommendations:

• Within 48 hours after the intervention, the patient should make minimal effort.

• Cannot lift weights.

• Arms cannot be raised above the shoulder level.

• The seat belt cannot be worn for two months after surgery.

• Bumps in the field of operations should be avoided.

• For a month, the patient should only sleep on his back.

• For a month, the patient should always wear an elastic belt.

• Creams and moisturizing creams that accelerate healing should be applied to the areas where the incisions are made.

• The operation area should not be exposed to the sun for six months.

Breast reduction surgery can affect breastfeeding. Operation is recommended after the patient has a child. Breast reduction surgery is not only an aesthetic surgery, but also an operation that has important benefits on the patient's health. Breast reduction surgery gains excess weight and increases the patient's mobility by reducing the pressure applied to the spine. Psychologically, breast reduction surgery improves appearance by giving the patient confidence and self-esteem. Studies conducted by experts say that women who undergo breast reduction surgery have a lower risk of getting breast cancer because the volume of glandular tissue at risk of malignant transformation is lower.

Breast Reduction Operation

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