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DENTAL AESTHETICS Is Dedicated To Dental Treatments Aimed At Improving The Appearance Of Teeth,

In particular By Correcting Teeth Cover, Discoloration, Spaces Between Teeth Or Traces Of Dental Wear Due To Many Factors That Can Change the natural aspect of the tooth.The esthetics of the smile is related to the shade of the teeth, their alignment as well as to the quality and the color of the gum which surrounds it.The aesthetics of teeth and smile have become paramount for the patient and a lush market for the practitioner.

A pleasant smile is often the best way to get in touch with others. It reflects our personality and our state of mind the reason we want to give it the importance it deserves. But with the years, the smile ages, the teeth tarnish and it is a whole face which changes. It should also be noted that childbirth and breastfeeding can damage the teeth, going as far as the loss of some.

Misalignment, stains, cracks, shapes and sizes that are not harmonious or even untrustworthy can encourage us to take the step and seriously look to go to the best dentist in the area or take a plane ticket to fly away towards well-reputed clinics if your case requires much deeper and more advanced care.

Some dental problems need to be treated first, then we will talk about changing the appearance of the smile.

To clarify the status of cosmetic dentistry, it is necessary to analyze on the one hand the role of the aspect of dentition in the life of an individual and its impact on his mental health, and on the other hand, the responses that a cosmetic dentistry treatment can bring to the overall well-being of the individual.

The dental aesthetic component has made tremendous progress in the current market, and new techniques are emerging and spreading allowing the appearance of multiple methods. Thus, this type of luxuriant dental care which was reserved for a long time to an elite becomes today accessible to all thanks to the good development of materials and techniques.

Multiple dentistry techniques are used. These techniques are quick and above all effective, they offer a promising, and above all natural result. enough to find again either his old smile or that of a film actress.

Specialties Of Aesthetic Dental Care

Dental veneers allow not only to correct the color of the teeth or to reconstruct the visible part of the tooth, but also their shape. a very popular method since the 2000s, it allows you to find a more graceful and flawless smile quickly without necessarily this ruin.

A dental veneer is in the form of a small tile. Designed in ceramic or porcelain (or in composite materials) a composite veneer can be directly shaped on the tooth.

The dental veneer will be used to mask the defects of the dentition such as the misaligned teeth or then a yellowish tint suit to the cigarette or to the tinted drinks, or a tooth tooth, badly formed, tooth chipped, split, not pretty to see, covering them with a fine ceramic or other shell. Ceramic remains a biocompatible material which allows a perfect reflection of light for a natural effect on the visual even after a certain time, the facet will keep its natural.

Veneers are generally used for front teeth, they are most suitable for 6 central teeth to create a beautiful smile line. Your back teeth do not require a facet as they will be invisible.

In other cases the surgeon uses other methods for the bottom teeth when they are damaged or broken.

The dental veneers can also allow you to correct dental anomalies in particular the dwarfism of the tooth (too small teeth with normal size, lateral incisors in grain of rice or then central in screwdriver) etc ...

Dental Whitening

This simple process of cosmetic dentistry is used to lighten the colors of enamel and dentin through the use of a gel based on hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide). Whether in the office or at home, no whitening treatment should be carried out without first having carried out a thorough oral assessment by a dental surgeon in order to check the absence of contraindications (untreated caries, devitalized teeth, weakness enamel, gum irritation…) as well as effective scaling.

There are also home whitening kits that only give satisfactory results when they are colored due to age or eating habits. They have a relative effectiveness compared to whitening at the dentist, besides that they are not carried out by a professional, but are clearly more affordable.

dental estetics

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns allow you to find a functional and aesthetic tooth while keeping its original tooth as a base. the crown is the part of the tooth that protrudes out of the gum (as opposed to the root). This area is naturally covered by a very hard substance, dental enamel to repair a dilapidated or unsightly tooth.

Types of Crowns:

The crowns can be ceramic, chrome-cobalt, nickel-chrome, or precious metal. The new developments are always trying to find the best in order to avoid the risk of allergies and improve the visual appearance to bring work with natural as close as possible. It is possible to lengthen to improve the smile and avoid a gum smile.

The crown then covers the damaged tooth, or broken luİ giving back its natural shape, size and function. It allows to modify not only the shade but also the shape and the position of the tooth.

The latest development is the ceramic crown. This material offers excellent solidity and great resistance and a natural effect in the light.

It is well tolerated and looks like natural tooth enamel even as the crown can be whitened with all natural teeth. Slightly transparent, solid, it is practically impossible to distinguish pure ceramic from a natural tooth, even in bright light.

Dental Implant

Dental implants are applied when we lose one or more teeth for any reason, an easy solution when a tooth is missing. It is used to fully reconstruct a missing tooth by placing it directly on the jaw under local anesthesia of course. The goal of implant therapy is to create usable teeth on the jaw bone.

The lack of teeth in individuals is of particular importance in the field of dentistry for reasons of physical, psychological and aesthetic health. Implants are created for the construction of fixed or removable prostheses depending on the case.

A dental implant is an artificial root most often made of titanium which we will place in the alveolar bone. The practitioner incises the gum, drills a small hole in the bone and places an implant on which rests a dental prosthesis. which will replace one or more missing teeth.

This dental prosthesis will be fixed.

As with the dental crown, good oral hygiene is essential for the success of an implant and will prevent infections and abscesses.

dental estetics

E-Aesthetics Of Gum

Healthy gums have certain criteria. No matter how beautiful our teeth are, an unhealthy condition, a gum that bleeds that swells or is painful or has an aesthetic problem in them always creates a negative image and discomfort.

Removal can occur due to gingivitis or aging; good brushing and a good toothbrush can significantly reduce the problems associated with bleeding gum tissue. this can also be linked to the bacterial plaque from where the dentist will promote deep scaling.

There is also the method of removing the gum from the tooth to approach the bone root.

The surgeon will then remove the tartar and the dental plaque that comes to be placed between the teeth and the gum, will then surface the tooth to polish it perfectly without any pain to improve the bone environment of the tooth.

For dark gums, laser sessions are used to soften the color. Dark spots caused by external factors in the gums can look healthy and beautiful and the smile will look less annoying.


Dental esthetics indeed includes all the techniques allowing to have pretty teeth. Having beautiful teeth is a significant asset to facilitate your social and professional relationships as well as to strengthen your self-confidence and have a good relationship. It is for these reasons that we have explained in this article, the different techniques in this discipline.

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