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Gynecomastia is a medical term that means male breast reduction. In the majority of cases, there is no known cause and, although rarely mentioned, it is a common condition.

Breast reduction surgery may  be useful for men who want to  feel self confident about their appearance. In this process  tissue is taken from the breasts and, in extreme cases, excess skin is also taken. This article will give you a basic understanding of what is involved in this  process. It  cannot answer all of your questions, as it depends a lot on your personal situation.


When is the operation Realized?

Most teens experience some breast enlargement affecting one or both breasts. However, by early adulthood, less than 10% have a residual problem. This incidence increases with age, reaching about 30% (1 in 3) in older men. Rarely, breast enlargement can be caused by medications (for high blood pressure, heart disease, and prostate cancer), medications (such as marijuana and anabolic steroids), certain diseases (such as liver failure and certain cancers) and very rare congenital anomalies (developmental errors with which we were born).

These causes must be ruled out by the surgeon during a first consultation. Additional information will be needed during this consultation regarding overall health, body size and shape, previous chest surgery, bleeding tendencies and healing abilities, some of which will be affected by smoking, alcohol and various medications. .

The breast is made up of two main components, glandular tissue (firm and dense) and adipose tissue (soft). The ratio of glandular tissue to adipose tissue in any breast varies from individual to individual and in gynecomastia there can be an excess of both. If there is mainly diffuse fatty enlargement of the breast, liposuction is the usual treatment. This involves aspirating the tissue through a small tube inserted through a 3-4mm incision (see the Liposuction Info Sheet for details).

If excess glandular tissue is the main cause of breast enlargement, it may be necessary to excise (cut out) with a scalpel. This will leave a scar, usually around the edge of the nipple. This process  may  be realized alone or in conjunction with liposuction. Major reductions that involve the removal of a significant amount of tissue and skin may require larger incisions which result in more obvious scarring. Most gynecomastia operations take around 90 minutes and are performed under general anesthesia, or in some cases, local anesthesia with sedation.

Medistanbul can provide male breast reduction if:

You Have Been Suffering From Gynecomastia For A Long Time

It Has Not Responded To Other Treatments

This Causes Considerable Pain Or Distress

How much does male breast reduction surgery cost

In Turkey, breast reduction surgery for men costs between  2,500 and  3,500 euros, plus the cost of consultations or follow-up care which may not be included in the price.

What To Think About Before Having Breast Reduction

Before going ahead, be sure why you want breast reduction surgery. Talk to a GP and take the time to think about your decision.


Choosing A Surgeon

Be careful when searching the internet to find doctors and clinics that offer breast reduction surgery. It is possible that some clinics can pay to advertise their  work on search lists

Check that the surgeon is registered with General Medical. They must be entered in the register of specialists and have a permit to practice.

Make an appointment with the surgeon before the procedure.

Ask your surgeon:

Based On Their Qualifications And Experience How Many Male Breast Reduction Operations Have They Done?

How Many Men Breast Reduction Operations Have Been Performed?

Where There Have Been Complications?

 What Kind Of Follow Up You Should Expect?

 Problem Cases

 What Are Their Patient Satisfaction Rates?

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