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The DHI Technique Is Also Known As Unshaved Hair Transplantation. There  Are Other Names Of  DHI Method, The Pen Method And Choi Implant. It Is One Of The Most Popular Technique In The World.

Although DHI hair transplantation technique is accepted as  a new method of hair transplantation by some researches, some sources may not accept it as a scientific technique. Beyond these discussions, they confirm that this practice is an implantation method. At this point, the main conclusion drawn from the discussions on the two methods; It is considered a separate method of hair transplantation.


The most distinctive feature that distinguishes DHI technique (Direct Hair Transplantation) from FUE technique is that it is transplanted to the skin using a special pen (Choiimplant) without channeling the hair follicles. It is also called DHI pen technique.

The operating procedures are the same as for the FUE technique, except that the channel is not open. Hair follicles are added to the area to be transplanted with a special tip device. The device has a thin, pointed tip, but due to its structure, it can be easily inserted into the hair follicle. The planting process is longer, laborious and costly compared to the FUE technique. In the results obtained, there is no significant difference between the two methods. DHI hair transplantation requires precise, intensive and continuous training. All our doctors are specially trained on DHI protocols and are experts in hair transplantation. They are gentle to the scalp and follicles. It is important that there is no scar in the implantation area. DHI is first of all a technique that requires excellence and transparency.

Differences Between DHI Method And Other Hair Transplant Techniques

One of the questions frequently asked by people considering hair transplantation is, "Is it possible to transplant without shaving before hair transplantation?  When some people learn that their hair needs to be shaved, they may stop having hair transplantation. First of all, we need to understand why people don't want to have their hair cut.

Cutting long hair, especially for women, can cause a traumatic condition.People may want to keep it so that hair transplantation is not obvious. People still in working life may not want to draw attention after planting.In the invisible hair transplant technique, a small window is opened between the two ears behind the head and the transplant technique where the hair follicles are extracted.

Unshaved Hair Transplant Method

It is a  hair transplantation technique in which the area to be transplanted is realized without shaving. Hair transplantation without partial shaving of the hair can be considered for a person with less than 2800 and long hair. In this operation, it is necessary to shave in the area where the hair is taken. The area between the two ears behind the head is shaved in the form of a strip or a rectangular window. After this process, the hair in the shaving area will cover this area. Thus, the shaved area will not be visible after surgery. The hair mentioned here should be longer than about 6-7 cm. For individuals with short hair, it would be more appropriate for them to grow their hair before this operation.

Benefits of Partially Shaved Hair Transplantation

The patient, who will have an unshaved hair transplant, prefers this method as he does not want to lose the old hair style and hair length. Since hair transplant surgery cannot be clearly recognized, he can return to his normal work and life in a short time. The healing process will be shorter because fewer grafts will be transplanted in this operation. After the operation, the crust formed in the donor area will not attract attention since it is covered with hair.

Disadvantages of Partially Shaved Hair Transplantation

This procedure can only be applied to people with long hair. Since the number of hair follicles that can be removed in a single session may be limited to the open window area, the number of grafts may be slightly lower. Therefore, when the desired numbers cannot be collected, a desired full transplanting will not be possible. It can be time consuming as the grafts will be collected, both in terms of time and more effort. If the period is excessive and the hair transplant operation will be realized in a few sessions, 6 months must pass between these sessions. Since the donor area is limited to a small area, it may be subject to excessive harming by inexperienced doctors. The cost of the operation may be a little high.

Completely Unshaved Hair Transplant Method

First of all, this method can be applied if a maximum thousand grafts are specified in the hair transplant operation. In addition, the patient should have the following features. These methods are most effective if the patient's hair is sparse and open, waiting for a small area and transplanting is limited to a narrow area. The most important feature that distinguishes this surgery from other surgeries is that it is performed with a semi-open cylindrical needle during epilation of the hair follicle. The needles used in the operation are 0.7-0.95 mm in diameter, and this open-ended cylindrical structure can be rotated by human control. The hair follicle is taken in by the open end of this needle. Then the incision is rotated to reach 360 degrees. Thus, the skin that keeps the hair alive is completely separated. This can be realized with DHI (ChoiImplanter) tips. It should be remembered that the shock will drop even if the hair is transplanted for a long time. Hair will start growing again.dhi

Advantages of Unshaved Hair Transplant Method

Hair is not shaved in any way. As with other unshaven hair transplants, it is important that the hair is long. Since the person will have his own hair in the planting area, a surgical intervention will be performed in a way that will not attract attention. A very small number of hair follicles will be transplanted as a result, recovery will be much faster. Transplantation of partially shaved hair and transplanting of unshaved hair mainly targets women and men with long hair. In the evaluations shared by some patients who had surgery with unshaved hair transplantation method, we can say that they are satisfied with the results. As a result, hair transplant specialists do not recommend this procedure when a person needs to shave his hair. Because the number of transplants is limited, it is more challenging and financially more costly.

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