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With the advancement of time, it is a problem that everyone faces and augments as a result of increasing fast food consumption and not exercising.


Unbalanced diet, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of movement or hereditary genetic factors cause the accumulation of fat in the body. This situation takes us away from what is considered a beauty, sculptural and harmonious body ratio. Although these fat deposits look ugly, they cause our confidence to decrease and we feel bad when we reveal our body.

Liposuction or lipoplasty is a technical and aesthetic surgery operation used to absorb excess fat in different parts of the body in order to reshape the body aesthetically. Liposuction is the most used cosmetic surgery worldwide. Although it is a technique used mostly by women at first, it has been a technique preferred by men over time. Liposuction can also be used to improve the patient's health due to the size and harm of the fat layer:

  • Excessive sweating in the axial region
  • Breast growth in men
  • Appearance of benign fat tumors
  • Metabolic disorders.

Liposuction is not a weight loss method. It is an operation performed to remodel the body by aspirating only the fats found in various parts of the body (abdomen, chin, hips, arms, etc.). Liposuction is also done only for patients who do not suffer from chronic diseases, have normal body weight and do not smoke. In people suffering from obesity, liposuction cannot be realized, since the intake of fat in the body contains too many risks. In addition, fat removal with liposuction will have an asymmetrical effect only in obese people in a certain area.

Liposuction does not have a lasting effect. If the patient does not have a balanced diet and gains excess weight, the fat layer can be restored. Lipoplasty surgery will be delayed if the patient shows symptoms of a respiratory virus. If the patient who will have an operation has coagulation and serious cardiovascular diseases, the operation will not be applied to the patients in this situation. At the same time, the operation cannot be performed in individuals who smoke and are pregnant.

The liposuction procedure is performed by a medical team consisting of a qualified doctor and qualified personnel in a quality clinic or hospital. It does not require hospitalization of the patient. Since it has made significant improvements over the years, liposuction operation is easy, safe and slightly painful. The surgical operation is performed under local anesthesia. Fat deposits are absorbed into thin, traumatic tubes called cannulas inserted into small cuts made on the skin.

The most used liposuction techniques:

  • Ultrasound Liposuction: With the help of high frequency sounds, the oil becomes liquid and can be absorbed easily. This technique is used in the waist, back and upper epigastrium
  • Swollen Liposuction: Anesthesia will be performed and excess oil will be extracted through the cannula.
  • Laser Liposuction: A special cannula will be used in which a laser type fiber is placed, which warms the oil and converts it into liquid and facilitates extraction.
  • Electrically Assisted Liposuction: The advantage of this process is the acceleration of the cannula movement by means of a mechanical device, anihilating the fat much faster.

Things to do before liposuction

  • Checking the health of the patient
  • Routine blood tests
  • Informing the doctor about the patient's medical history
  • Identify areas with excess fat
  • Controlling skin tone and elasticity
  • Informing the doctor about the lifestyle and eating style of the patient
  • Informing the patient about the operation.

Stages of Liposuction Surgery

  • Marking of incision areas
  • Anesthesia
  • Making  incisions
  • Cannula introduction
  • Excessive oil extraction
  • Cannula Removal
  • Closing the incisions

Stages and Post-Operative Recommendations

Fats that will disappear within a month can swell in the body.

  • The area where the fat is aspirated will be numbed for several months.
  • An elastic, compression corset will be worn to reshape the area.
  • Tobacco and alcohol use is prohibited.
  • The patient will consume a large amount of fluid to prevent dehydration.
  • The patient will be given antibiotic therapy to prevent infection.
  • The patient will be given analgesic therapy to minimize pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent swelling of the operated area.

The exact results appear after 3-6 months, provided that the patient has a balanced and healthy diet with regular exercise. Liposuction improves cellulite and harmonizes body contours by removing fat deposits. It does not absorb all the oil from the intervened area, it simply removes the excess. A thin layer remains, in which the dermisin vascularized. The remaining layer of fat protects against trauma and maintains body temperature. Cosmetic operations have a strong psychological effect. It restores self-esteem, increases confidence and improves the patient's outer appearance.


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