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In Media, Perfect Body With Elastic Skin And Healthy, Bright Tone Is Constantly Promoted. More And More People Are Using Cosmetic Surgery To Heal Blemishes, Hide The Effects Of Aging And Achieve A Perfect Body By Current Standards.

The appearance of wrinkles is a consequence of the passage of time, the disappearance of collagen in the body, genetic heredity, excessive exposure to the sun, smoking, unbalanced diet, abuse of alcohol or daily stress. Wrinkles in the neck area are not mimetic wrinkles, they are horizontal static wrinkles and they form over time due to the lack of collagen and elastin in the epidermis

neck lift

Neck Lift

It is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess skin and tissue and reposition the muscle fibers that have become enlarged as a result of the passage of time, people who are concerned about the wrinkled appearance of the neck and the excess of skin and fat accumulated in the neck area. The neck lift operation is performed in a hospital or clinic and is performed by a qualified medical team.

Stages Of Neck Lift Operation

  • Preoperative consultation; During the preoperative consultation, the doctor will study the patient's medical history, determining if surgery can be performed. The doctor will inform the patient of all measures that will be taken during the operation as well as after the operation.
  • A blood test is necessary to detect any contagious disease with blood transmission (type of hepatitis, HIV)
  • The anesthesia is local or general depending on the choice of the patient or the recommendation of the doctor.
  • The operation includes
  • The incision made in the area behind the ears, under the chin or in both areas as appropriate
  • Removal of excess skin and tissue
  • Repositioning of hypertrophied muscle fibers
  • Closure of scars using very fine threads so that they are not noticeable
  • Checks and changes of dressings. After surgery, it is mandatory to wear an elastic compression bandage for two weeks to reshape the neck. The points will be removed after the operation about a week.
  • Neck lift surgery has minor risks such as allergic reactions to drugs, infections, bruising or bleeding, risks that will be quickly corrected if the patient strictly follows the doctor's recommendations and advice.
  • The neck lift operation may include a series of procedures to improve the appearance of the area where the surgery was performed:
  • Elimination of excess skin
  • Remove part of the neck muscles
  • Liposuction to remove excess fat
  • Botox injection to improve external appearance.

After the operation, there will be areas of the neck that will be swollen as a result of the operation, but these effects do not last long and will go away over time.

Preoperative recommendations

  • Two weeks before the surgery, the patient will stop all treatment, including anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant or aspirin
  • Six weeks before the procedure, contraceptives should be stopped because they increase the risk of blood clots.
  • Smoking will stop a month before the procedure because it delays the healing process
  • Neck lift operation cannot be performed during menstrual cycle
  • The patient should avoid exposure to the sun before surgery
  • The patient cannot follow a drastic diet before the procedure
  • In case of infection of the body, the operation is postponed
  • Six hours before the operation, the patient cannot eat or drink anything.

Postoperative recommendations

  • The patient should rest for a week
  • Cold compresses will be applied to the surgery area to reduce postoperative swelling and bruising
  • For two weeks, the patient cannot make intense physical exertion and cannot participate in sports activities
  • After about two weeks the patient can resume their normal life and return to work
  • For 3 to 4 months, avoid exposure to the sun so as not to slow down the healing process

Neck lift surgery is not a vitally important operation on the body. Like any cosmetic surgery, it has several advantages such as psychological and aesthetic for patients.

The neck lift operation stops the signs of aging, restores tone and firmness to the skin, restores the patient's confidence and self-esteem. The results of the neck lift operation are not permanent, while wrinkles and excess skin and fat may reappear.

neck lift

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