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Since 2003, The Minimally Invasive FUE Method Has Established Worldwide In Hair Transplant Clinics.

The name stands for "Follicular Unit Extraction" which means that the donor hair in the form of grafts is removed from the donor area on the back of the patient's head using a hollow needle and implanted. elsewhere in the scalp to fill in the corners of hair areas and thinning areas.
Percutaneous Sapphire
The Percutaneous Sapphire FUE Method, which is considered to be one of the most modern and widely used hair transplant techniques, ensuring natural looking results and too high hair density, has taken its success a step further. using special devices with sapphire pens.

The Difference Between Percutaneous Sapphire And FUE

FUE, which is conducted using blades made from a gemstone called sapphire, is defined as the use of special sapphire blades instead of steel blades during the process of creating incisions in the recipient site.
The blades are designed to minimize scab formation and speed up the recovery process by opening up smaller micro channels in the recipient site for transplantation.

Characteristics of the 3D Percutaneous Sapphire Technique

The implantation method of the 3 D percutaneous sapphire technique that is the blue pen has the following characteristics:

  • The dimension of the blue pen thickness the same as the follicle so do not risk damaging existing grafts
  • Up to 75 follicles can be implanted in the cm2
  • Gives very high density and natural results
  • Specified path of follicles

The Benefits of FUE PERCUTANEOUS SAPPHIRE Extraction

  • Faster growth rate compared to conventional FUE technique
  • More than 30% hair density compared to the usual FUE technique
  • Faster recovery, it takes a week not 15 days with the FUE technique
  • No scar

Our MEDISTANBUL specialists use this technique with success. Percutaneous sapphire technique possibly the best technology we offer the Sapphire hair implant associated with the Percutaneous technique
Recently, the FUE method has undergone an additional development: the percutaneous technique of sapphire. This method uses special sapphire FUE blades instead of a hollow needle. These particularly delicate blades are extremely hard and smooth. They are available in sizes from 0.8 to 1.5 and the doctor can choose a blade for the hair transplant that exactly matches the structure of the patient's hair.
Percutaneous Sapphire
The nature of the sapphire blade allows the surgeon to create the channels at exactly the right angle (40 to 45) to bring the grafts in the right direction.
Thanks to this new technique as well as research and experiments, the extraction of the implantation of particularly softer grafts.

How Does Percutaneous Sapphire Technique Work?

Hair specialists carry out hair implantation in 3 stages:

  • Collection of follicles
  • Opening of the channels
  • Implantation of follicles taken from the recipient areas

The first step does not change, the innovation c the use of sapphire needle instead of using the steel blades with FUE technique, the V-shaped sectional view can be made much thinner such so a very high density you still benefit from more natural hair implant that is not U-shaped with the FUE technique which cause more bleeding and low density.

Why Choose Percutaneous Sapphire Hair Transplant?

The new Saphir hair transplant technique combined with the percutaneous technique allows a better healing process as the too thin sapphire blades allow a higher density of hair and a targeted and natural segmentation.This is made possible because the V-shaped incisions adapt perfectly to the grafts. Thus, the follicles can be grafted at the desired angle.

Our doctor and his team have been specializing in hair surgery since 2011. All our interventions are done according to the hair structure. Because it comes down to choosing the right size needle to open the implantation channels. With the sapphire hair transplant these are perfectly adapted to the grafts. Guaranteeing their installation just a few hours after their implantation.

Percutaneous Sapphire hair transplant is the result of the development of several years of dermatological research. These innovations pushing hair implants to the next level!

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