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The Artas robot is a kind of medical device that revolutionized the application of FUE technic.The speed of the robot allows 900 grafts to be extracted per hour and 3000 in just one mega-session against only 1800 grafts with the FUE method at once.

robotic hair transplantation  

What is Robotic Hair Transplantation and How is it Applied?

The unique synergy between the robotics and the doctor makes it possible to achieve a superior quality result than any other method of hair transplant surgery. The Artas robot can treat all  baldness phases in both men and women, so that only a few manual FUE sessions so far or only with the FUT method we can treat large areas that can be (strip technique). The main disadvantage of FUT hair transplantation is the presence of a thin scar on the neck.This technique is practically realized today.

Robotic hair surgery involves the careful collection and manual transplantation of healthy hair follicles using robots. The hair transplantation robot, which is designed to make hair transplantation comfortable and efficient, aims to make hair transfers without any errors. Since the hair transplantation robot performs the process by calculating the hair growth direction, the margin of error is minimal and the results are natural. The special magnifying hair transplantation robot provides 10,000 times more growth in the follicular unit, minimizing the margin of error. Healthy hair follicles of lossless function are maximized in the donor area.

ARTAS robot is a state-of-the-art device. This patented system is definitely the biggest innovation of recent years, which has benefited greatly in hair transplantation. Moreover, it is the advances in artificial intelligence that make it possible to develop such a device. ARTAS robot offers unique advantages to both patients and practitioners who prefer this technique. The possibility of identifying the best grafts to be extracted is actually possible, thanks to the algorithms that enable the machine to work, to determine which hair will be the subject of the sample. Only the best grafts will be used to ensure complete satisfaction in patients suffering from baldness. Minimizing human error by hair transplantation robot is also one of the preferred reasons.robotic hair transplantation

How is Hair Transplantation Realized with Artas Robot?

The first step in robotic hair transplantation is to prepare the donor area. As in "classical" hair transplantation, the scalp of the patient is locally numbed first. A tensioner is then mounted behind the patient's skull by an assistant. The robotic arm is then positioned automatically and combs the scalp to search for follicular units. The donor area is then shaved so that the hair length does not exceed 1 mm. The 1mm robot is the ideal length for the robot to recognize and monitor the follicular units. If you prefer a robotic capillary transplant, several factors should be considered.

Robotic hair transplantation is an innovation from the USA. It uses the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method for hair transplantation. The robot extract the hair follicles from behind the patient's skull instead of the doctor. Like a traditional hair implant, robotic treatment leaves only micro marks behind the skull.This operation ensures maximum protection of the hair follicles.

The robot takes only the most important, suitable hairs from the scalp. This is possible thanks to an algorithm that calculates the angle of origin for each hair. Only the best hair follicle is selected, and then 92% of them are used. The robotic arm collects follicular units with unmatched precision and speed by human intervention. The use of Artas eliminates human error during hair transplantation. Therefore, constant quality implants are offered to the patient during the session. There is no risk of hair follicles being removed outside the donor area.

Fast and precise operation of the robot arm reduces processing time by approximately 30 to 50%. The intervention takes a maximum of only one to four and a half hours. The places where hair follicles are transplanted should correspond to a certain distribution. Only this way can the hair regrow properly. The Artas robot finds these receptor sites and produces them exactly at the right angle and at the right depth. This ensures that you always get well transplanted hair density.


Robotic transplantation offers you efficiency. American technological innovation definitely has many advantages. Because the precision of vaccination is always guaranteed by the Artas robot. In addition, the extraction time of hair follicles is reduced by 50%. In addition, it is almost impossible to damage existing hair at this time. The robot works with high precision and graft quality, eliminating possible human errors. If you are interested in this hair transplant method, you will need to pay a much higher price than manual transplant.


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