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The Normal FUE Technique Is Performed In 2 Or 3 Sessions Every 6 Months But With This New TDF Technological Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE), The Process Will Last In Two Consecutive Days.

It is the sterile method for people whose donor and recipient areas are open and it is a permanent treatment. There is no waiting time after the procedure compared to other techniques and there is no difference in the healing process compared to other hair transplant methods.

That is why it is suitable for people who do not have time for a hair transplant due to a busy working life, and for those who want to get back to their normal life as quickly as possible.


TDF Hair Transplant Method

First of all, to start the TDF hair transplant method, the individual's medical history must be taken into account prior to surgery and evaluated by the surgical team. Scalp photos can be sent to the hospital to determine bald areas and at the end of this step you will be assessed whether you are fit for the operation or not.

Later, when it is approved that you can get the treatment, local anesthesia will be applied and the grafts will be extracted from the donor area, just like in the FUE technique.

About 7,000 follicles will be collected. This operation lasts 4 to 10 hours and the same step will be applied on the second day. Finally, scarring depends on the patient's skin type, but generally the possible appearance of redness on the scalp heals within 10 days.

In order to shorten the application time, the application of PRP and A-Celle can be used and this technique shortens the healing process. At the end of this process, the new strands of hair will be stronger.

TDF Hair Transplant Care

TDF hair transplant care is not that different from regular transplant techniques. Doctors will provide the necessary information after the procedure, but it will be beneficial for patients to know what to do and what not to do before the procedure.

First of all, the patient should be careful, protect his scalp from striking places, and not touch the transplanted area even if there is an itching sensation. One of the most frequently asked questions concerns the sleeping position.

Hair transplants will be quite delicate after surgery and patients should sleep with their heads and backs lightly propped up with the pillows. An angle of 45 degrees would be good to adjust. For more care advice, you can consult your doctor.

How Does TDF Hair Transplant Method Work?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. During hair transplantation, the donor area is divided into two: right and left. The strands of hair in the right region are removed and transferred to the first half of the balding region.

For the remaining open space, the channels in which the hair will be placed are open. Thus, half of the transactions are concluded on the first day. On the second day, the hair roots are taken from the left side, which is the other side of the donor area. It is placed in the channels opened the day before.

In hair transplant, around 4,200-4,300 roots are added in a day. Since a root has an average of 2.7 sprigs, 10,000 to 11,000 sprigs are planted per day. It is not possible to achieve the desired density with a sowing day in cases where the front, back and middle hair of the person is open like a full palm.

Patients with this hair type will eventually regain their hair after two years of planting. 2,500-3,000 roots are transferred to the anterior region by the TDF method on the first day.

On the second day, the root is harvested from the left donor site and added to the peak site. So after two days in total, 6,000 - 6,500 root bread is possible. In this way, the front, middle and back hair of the patient in a two day period of hair transplantation is performed throughout the area. Hair transplantation with a two-day procedure without waiting for two years offers great comfort and happiness to the patient.


Can TDF Be Applied To All Hair Types?

TDF is a successful transplant method in hair types where the front, back, and middle hair areas are fully open like the palms.

What Is The Healing Process With TDF?

There is no difference between a hair transplant performed in one session. Likewise, an improvement is observed. A PRP treatment is applied to the area to be seeded during the operation. This technique shortens the healing process. A trace-free and rapid recovery is observed. The new hair roots will be firmer.

65-70 percent of hair planted in 6-8 months in the previous average plantation. The last point of culture in the anterior region is seen after one year. Growth is a bit slower here because more nutrition is supplied by the capillaries in the tip area. After 8-10 months in this area, the treatment is completely successful.

As with DHI, FUE and unshaven hair transplant, the experience of TDF hair transplant experts is very important. The TDF hair transplantation method is successfully applied by our team. The process and post-planting follow-up is carried out by our experienced team. Contact us for any problem.

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