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Generally, Hair Is Shaved Before Hair Transplantation, But Some Of Our Patients Have Reservations About Having Hair Transplantation Because They Do Not Want Their Hair To Be Shaven.

However, It Is Possible To  Perform Hair Transplantation Without Shaving. We Have Done Research To Help You In This Sense.

Undoubtedly, one of the most frequently asked questions asked by our patients who plan to have hair transplantation is how does unshaved  Hair Transplantation work? Is it possible to have it without shaving our head area? Individuals usually try to analyze the question marks they have in mind by asking questions about them as they want to see themselves in front of the mirror.

The Main Reasons of the Patients' Reluctance to Shave Their Hair;

  • People are afraid to shave because they do not want to be noticed that they have made a hair transplant in their social environment.
  • Ladies do not prefer to shave because they want to be seen with long hair.
  • Individuals may not be willing to shave because they think that they look better with hair in front of the mirror.
  • People who have hair transplantation have reservations because they do not want to experience any difference after transplantation.

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Unshaved Fut And Fue Methods

Fut Method: There is no need to shave the donor area. In the area where the hair follicles taken from the donor area will have no hair follicles in the area to be transplanted or if there are very few, unshaved transplantation can be realized.

Fue Method: It is the method in which the donor area is shaved. It is detailed below;

Unshaved Fue Methods:

  • Donor area is shaved, the area to be planted is not shaved; If the patient's head is bald, planting with this method is comfortable and easy, but if there is hair in the area to be planted, it becomes difficult and takes long hours. For this, it may be difficult to transplant a large number of grafts on the same day and the transplantation can be performed in two sessions. Due to the density of hair in the area to be planted, it will make the operation difficult between them.
  • Limited Shaving is done; It is the shaving of a certain part of the donor area. Since the donor area is small,  a small number of grafts will be extracted.
  • Unshaved Fue; It is the placing of grafts in the area to be transplanted without shaving the donor area. Since the donor area is an operation to be taken without shaving, it is time-consuming and difficult to collect and transplant a few hair follicles.
  • It is performed by shaving; The most common among these methods; It is a full shaving hair transplant. Since donor area and the area to be transplanted are completely shaved, more it is efficient and more grafts are targeted.

However, the best decision about the patient's unshaven transplantation will be made when the doctor sees the head area. For example, if the patient has experienced significant hair loss at the top and requires a large number of grafts, his head will be completely shaved. The decision is usually made at the planning stage of the hair transplant operation after the doctor examines the patient, because each technique has plus and minus aspects. Since the hair is not shaved and graft collection is realized, the process takes longer and the desired number of grafts cannot be collected.

The Most Prominent Speciality  Between Unshaved and Shaved Hair Transplantation;

The most obvious difference between these two hair transplants; in particular, it is related to the ratio of the head space of the person's space. If the person has lost most of his hair and there is a large area of ​​hair loss, it is preferable to shave by experts. If there is a loss in only a certain area of ​​the head area, it is more convenient to do unshaved transplantation if most of your hair stops. In short; When people come to the examination, they should make decisions according to the doctor's guidance and act accordingly. Depending on the size of the field, the method of planting is determined.

Benefits of Unshaved Hair Transplant

  • Shaving is completely eliminated.
  • Your patient continues to be hairy.
  • The crusts formed in the donor area do not attract attention.
  • As there are fewer grafts, the overall recovery time may be shorter.
  • Since the hair is closed after transplanting, there is no operation scar.
  • Adaptation to the daily life is faster.
  • Ladies do not have to wait their hair to grow for months.
  • Individuals continue to make hairstyles they want to see in front of the mirror.
  • Since some of the hair in the donor area stops, it camouflages the grafts taken.
  •  For men who love to use long hair, they do not need to shave their hair.

Disadvantages of Unshaved Hair Transplant

  • It is a laborious and meticulous planting with the training and experience of the doctor.
  • The number of transplants transplanted in a single session is limited, therefore the hair density that the patient can reach is lower.
  • It takes longer than other hair transplantation techniques.
  • Since it requires more work, it can be more expensive than other methods.
  • While it is necessary to be very careful even in normal hair transplantation, it requires more careful attention in unshaved transplantation.

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Unshaved Hair Transplantation Prices

Hair transplantation should normally be realized with great efforts. Unshaved hair transplantation is a transplantation that should be realized twice as much as normal transplantation. Because it is a difficult process that requires a longer time, effort and meticulousness as hair is transplanted without cutting, so this is reflected in the prices. Prices are slightly higher than normal hair transplantation. Another reason for the high prices is not existing unshaved hair transplantation in every hospital or clinic. As Medistanbul, we help our patients with great success in unshaved hair transplantation and with very affordable prices.

As a result 95% of the patients want their hair to be shaved the head completely. 4% - 5% of the patients want a partial shave of the head. Some patients who have undergone hair transplantation say that they are satisfied with the results, but admit that it might be better to shave their hair. Experienced doctors often recommend to their patients shaving before surgery. Shaving is important for the hair transplant operation.

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