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VIP services include first-class reception, accommodation, support and departure for our customers who desire a more special service in hair transplantation operations. 

vip hair transplant

We do our best to make you feel comfortable during this time by presenting our packages professionally. With the exceptional difference and safety of the  Medistanbul and VIP Service packages, a peaceful and comfortable working process is ready for you.

Different VIP Services

Choosing Medistanbul as a surgical hair restoration clinic aims to give you an excellent result at the most affordable price. Unlike all other hair clinics,  we tell you the exact number of grafts for your hair transplant procedure and present the proof  of this. Each patient has different needs. Therefore, our aim is to give you a perfect result. We provide 5-day accommodation and all other services, including all costs of the procedure, medication and necessary medical tests.

Our operation  is performed by a doctor and 1 day after the procedure we provide 7/24 nurse service, postoperative hair kit and LLLT sessions, hotel accommodation, all meals are included. Then, depending on your food preferences or religious choices, together with your private VIP Mercedes private driver, and the language guide you speak,

You will visit and explore the Sultanahmet Mosque and the cultural center of Topkapı palaces.

VIP Package

1. Day

When you land at the airport, our driver will pick  you up  and take you  to the 5-star hotel especially choosen for you. After resting  during the night, our driver will pick you up from the hotel to go to the hospital the next day. You will meet with Harun Alakaya at the hospital for the first assessment and examination. After this process you will be taken to the restaurant to enjoy a pleasant dinner in one of the Istanbul restaurants with Bosphorus view.

2. Day

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel after a light breakfast. Afterwards, if medical tests are required, you can be directed to the  hospital. After the medical tests are realized, you will set out for a nice tour of Istanbul. Get ready to visit the most beautiful museums of the world, exactly in the shadow of Istanbul's unique  monument. Before arriving at the Topkapı museum, we will take a short break in Beşiktaş to see the change of presidential guards.

Afterwards, Topkapı Palace, Sultanahmet square and mosque (places depending on demand and time in the region) will be visited. Dinner is served in a traditional Greek tavern after cultural trips are over. Special menu preparations can be arranged according to your meal preferences or religious nutrition rules. You will be returning to the hotel for a good night's sleep. Have a nice rest because the next day will be the day of operation.

vip hair restoration

3. Day

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and bring you to our clinic. A light breakfast will be served in the rest room of our clinic. The surgeon and healthcare staff will review the final details go to the intervention room.

The operation will start. The rating of the transplants, the removal and the opening of channels is only   realized by Harun Alakaya. In order to minimize the surgical intensity-related procedure rates, a maximum of 4000 to 6000 grafts will be transplanted at the target by performing  a certain number of cases per day.

Before Surgery

before surgery

  • Blood tests should be done.
  • EKG should be taken.
  • A detailed evaluation by a cardiologist is required for patients over 40 years old, including echocardiograms.
  • We have a translator that helps in communication with the patient's native language.
  • Dr. We also have another consultant who helps communicate with Harun Alakaya.

During Surgery

  • There is Netflix and satellite TV on a large LED screen for entertainment.
  • Breakfast and Dinner are also available.
  • Neck, shoulder and foot massage can be done during the operation.

After Surgery

after hair transplant

A healthcare product pack is provided to be used after surgery, These are:

Inflatable neck pillow, shampoo and ATP liposomal spray bottle and bandana  (they have been specially developed for hair restoration). are supplied.

Drugs to be used after surgery are given.

  • Antibiotics for 7 days
  • Prednol tablets for 8 days
  • Pain killers for 4 days
  • 1-2 tablets of Cipro for 4 days

After the operation is completed, you are transferred from the clinic to your hotel. A nurse will accompany you and help you walk around after the operation.

4. Day

Your nurse will take care of you at the clinic in the afternoon. For a postoperative evaluation, you will meet with Dr Harun Alakaya. A hair care Professional nurse will wash the donor area and medical staff will assist you with all your requests. Our driver will take you back to the hotel after the washing is finished. The nurse will accompany you, making sure that you are taking your medication and have no questions about postoperative treatment. After eating your dinner, you can start resting.

5. Day

vip hair transplant

After having breakfast at your hotel, your driver will pick you up from the hotel. He will take you for your final evaluation with Harun Alakaya. After the examination, you will be picked up according to your flight time to be taken to the airport.

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