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The Beard and Mustache Implant is an aesthetic operation that increases the density of the facial veil, covers the areas where the hair is missing and offers a beautiful appearance to the face.

There is a category of men who consider that the beard is a very important masculine characteristic, which exudes maturity and power. Furthermore, according to studies conducted by various universities, a large number of women consider bearded men to be more attractive.

The beard and mustache transplant is a minimally invasive cosmetic operation, which is gaining more and more popularity among men. In addition to the improved aesthetic appearance, the beard and mustache implant restores the confidence of the patient and increases their self-esteem, has a very short healing period, does not need to be admitted to the hospital and the results appear within a short time.

Beard and Mustache transplant

Social networks, mass media channels and circles of friends have a greater influence on patients who want to have a beard and mustache implant.

At Medistanbul we perform beard and mustache implant operations with the help of a professional team with a high and continuous degree of specialization. We are always concerned to offer the quality results that you desire. We trust our team and offer them a guarantee certificate for the beard and mustache implant.

We use the FUE Sapphire method, an improved method as well as medical devices and state-of-the-art technology: micro motor to extract the follicles, scalpel with sapphire blades. Operations are carried out under conditions of maximum hygiene in a modern hospital.

Fields of Applications of Beard and Mustache Implants

The beard and mustache implant offers density to facial hair, but can be used to hide scars caused by acne. The beard and mustache implant operation is a complex, autologous operation, which requires a surgeon specialized in hair transplantation.

In Medistanbul we offer health and aesthetic services, with a high quality of services. We collaborate with specialized doctors, with experience and with qualified technicians who will perform the desired beard and mustache implant. For the operation to achieve optimal results, it is very important that the follicles are planted in the correct direction of growth, at the natural angle of growth.

At what age can a beard and mustache implant be performed?

The beard and mustache implant is done in people over 20 years of age, because it is estimated that at this age the hormonal level is stable.

Age category that requests to do a beard and mustache implant is made up of young people under 35 years of age, because they want to fit into fashionable masculine patterns, they want more density of the beard to emanate maturity, power and masculinity.

For those who want to have a beard and mustache implant, the choice of the doctor who performs the surgical intervention and the place where the operation will be done is very important. The success of the operation is closely related to the experience of the doctor.

Beard and Mustache transplant

What is the duration of the result of the beard and mustache implant?

The results of the beard and mustache implant operation have permanent effects, the hair will grow naturally, normally and it will need constant care.

When is it recommended to have a beard and mustache implant?

The optimal period to perform a beard and mustache implant is between September and May. The intervened areas will have greater sensitivity and it is not recommended to expose them to extreme temperatures. In the summer, sweat can increase the patient's discomfort because the operated areas cannot be touched.

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