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In today's conditions, one out of every three men or one out of two women complains about their hair that is shed and thinned due to eating habits, genetic factors and stress.

Hair transplant operations have become one of the most popular procedures in recent years, as men or women want to feel better when they see themselves in the mirror. Along with the change in the image with hair transplantation, it has a significant positive effect on the psychology of individuals.

As a result of the living environments, people's desire to have a hair transplant operation has become a highly desirable situation with the effect of environmental factors. Feeling better and increased self-confidence are among the results seen. It is one of the current and preferred operations that are good for the person in every sense.

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Individuals have tried various ways in order to produce permanent and expected results, but could not achieve the appearance they want. Hair transplantation, which is a surgical operation for hair loss and problems encountered at an uncomfortable level, is in the category of aesthetics, which is increasingly preferred today.

As Medistanbul, we carry out the graft application and your hair restoration with our professional team. With our guarantee certificate, we take care to give you quality and desired results. We apply the FUE technique, known as a method technique that has been improved and developed with the developing technology, to our patients in our hospital and perform the transplant operation.

Hair Transplantation Application Areas

Thinning of hair follicles and hair follicles that fall out are common areas of application. People who have been subjected to chemical trials and could not get a solution have observed that the effect of these efforts on the roots is very low and they have started to look for solutions in technological methods. In the world and Turkey is the most preferred FUE technique has come to the fore. With the FUE technique we use as Medistanbul, the desired graft transplantation is performed. By integrating the developing technology and the experience of our specialist doctors, we help you achieve the dream look.

Although hair transplant operation appears as a simple concept, it is a surgical procedure that requires seriousness and dedication. The Medistanbul family, which will provide you with aesthetics and health as a whole, with the right service quality, will give you the natural look you want as a result of hair transplantation.

Providing service in line with your wishes with its experienced and talented expert staff, Medistanbul signs the needed and targeted graft transplants with its vision.

For people who decide to have a hair transplant, when to do a hair transplant operation is a very important issue. Individuals who decide on this operation should choose the most appropriate time for them after choosing the hospital and the doctor.

Correct timing is important for a successful hair transplant. At this point, the level of hair loss experienced in the individual is closely related to when hair transplantation should be done. It is not right for individuals whose hair loss level has not reached a certain point to have a hair transplant. However, individuals whose hair loss continues intensely should not have hair transplantation. The main reason for this is aesthetic appearance.

If hair transplantation is performed on an individual whose hair loss continues, the hair that continues to shed disrupts the aesthetic appearance, because the transplanted hair does not fall out. In addition, if transplantation is performed on people whose hair loss has not reached a certain level, then when the hair is shed, gaps will appear at different points and the aesthetic integrity provided by hair transplantation will be disrupted.

Therefore, the rate and density of hair loss should be carefully monitored for people who will have hair transplantation.

The best time for hair transplantation is the period when hair loss is 60% -70% complete and the intense shedding process ends. If transplantation is performed before hair loss reaches a certain level, a second transplant may be required. Therefore, it is best to wait for the intense shedding to end for planting.

Age Factor in Hair Transplant Timing

Age is an important factor in deciding when to have a hair transplant. According to experts, those who want to have hair transplantation under the age of 20 should not rush into transplantation. Even if hair transplantation is performed during this period, old hair may continue to fall out. This disrupts the integrity of the hair transplantation and causes a bad appearance.

Since hair loss stops in their 30s, it is the most suitable period for those who are considering hair transplantation. By the age of 30, the shedding of the hair that will be shed is complete. There is no risk of hair loss in hair transplantation after these ages. Therefore, experts say that it is better to perform hair transplantation after the age of 30.

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Season Factor in Hair Transplant Timing

Seasonal periods of people who decide to have a hair transplant are also important. Because it is beneficial not to be exposed to excessive heat or extreme cold weather during the period of hair transplantation. Summer months are not very suitable for hair transplantation. Heat causes sweating and disturbs the hair transplantation area. It is important not to touch the hair transplant area after the operation. It causes instincts such as sweating or touching that occur in summer. In addition, the sea and the beach are not good for hair transplantation. If you are making vacation plans for the summer, you should pay attention to the date of your hair transplant after your vacation.

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