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About Us

Medistanbul has specialized in hair transplantation methods and hair treatments also has successfully treated thousands of transplant cases.

About Us
Who We Are

We Have 5 Years Experience

We perform operations with doctors and professional team using the latest scientific methods and technologies.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Plastic surgery, hair transplantation and medical aesthetic applications; Contribute to the development of medicine without compromising ethical principles by presenting sustainable health services, with an international quality approach.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Medistanbul aims to provide health care services with our technology infrastructure to support health tourism and become a brand in the hair operations by the satisfied customers.

Our Strategies

Our Strategies

We use painless anesthesia devices to minimize the pain into 5%. We aim to make satisfied patients with 5 star hotels and VIP transfers.

Specialist in Hair Transplantation


We will organize everything for you, the only thing you need to take care of is to book the flight! The experienced specialists & Dr. Harun ALAKAYA will treat you in a trustful and professional manner. Before the treatment begins, the expert will take time answer to all your questions.

  • High level of expertise
  • Follow-up within your country
  • 10+ years Experience
  • Serve in 35 different countries
  • Guaranteed better results
  • High quality service with successful

Dr. ALAKAYA which ranks among the top experts in the field of hair transplant operation, Dr. Harun ALAKAYA is one of the first doctors from Turkey and Europe who used the Sapphire technique.

Harun Alakaya
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